June 2020 Meetup – Michael Niehaus (Microsoft) and Adam Gross (MVP)

By nathan.ziehnert

Friday, June 26th, 12:00pm – 4:30pm MST (GMT-6)
Advanced Registration is Recommended

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Toast and jam (or avocado), fish and chips, macaroni and cheese – name some more iconic duos.

Intune and ConfigMgr.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is investing heavily in both platforms, but rather than giving them divergent paths Microsoft is bringing them even closer together. Join Michael Niehaus (Microsoft) and Adam Gross (MVP and Intune.Training co-founder) as they show you some of the coolest things that bringing these two worlds together has brought us and ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus as they show you how to reduce your 3rd party patching efforts and increase your productivity in the ConfigMgr console!

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Session Overviews

Hybrid Azure AD Join over the Internet with Autopilot and VPN
If you wanted to pursue Autopilot in your environment, but also wanted to make sure the device joined your on-prem domain, you were unfortunately limited to making sure the device was on your network. Everyone knows one of the goals of Autopilot is to just drop-ship a new laptop to an employee outside of the network without administrators needing to touch the device, which meant this wasn’t an optimal solution for the on-prem AD scenario. Microsoft has received that feedback loud and clear.

Join Michael Niehaus (Microsoft) as he talks Autopilot, and more specifically Hybrid Azure AD join over the Internet! Microsoft is removing one more barrier to your organization adopting Autopilot!

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus
Join ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus for an overview of their product for managing 3rd party updates and adding additional tools to your ConfigMgr console.

ConfigMgr AdminService and Tenant Attach
You’ve probably heard Brad Anderson talk about co-management being a destination, not a bridge. What does that mean in practice rather than theory? Microsoft is working toward bringing your device management under a single roof – think of it like a duplex where both ConfigMgr and Intune share a single management console. To get there, however, Microsoft had to bring the power of the cloud to your on-prem ConfigMgr environment. This is tenant attach and the underlying API, the ConfigMgr Administration Service.

Join Adam Gross (Microsoft MVP, and Intune.Training co-founder) as he teaches you about the cool things YOU can do with the admin service now, and how Microsoft is utilizing this technology with tenant attach and the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.