MEMUG February 2024 (rescheduled from January)

By nick.moseley

Deconstructing the Twelve Days of Blog-mas

Friday, February 23rd, 2024, 2:00pm – 4:00pm Mountain Time

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MEMUG is excited to start the new year off with a ‘bang’ of a topic!  Join us to get an insider’s view into a 12-part blog series on practical things that you can (and should) do for the management of your enterprise!

  • Why I, Mike Hildebrand, felt the blog series was needed/worth doing:
    • Lots of products x constant change = LOTS to try to stay on top of.
    • There are some things more important from my view/experiences.
    • Try to “focus on some signal vs all the noise”.
  • A few technical highlights – I’ll take a handful of the posts and discuss each one, probably demo stuff, discuss why it matters.
  • How do you keep track of your own ‘kitchen sink’ of new tech (big or small, even tiny topics)?
  • How do you keep track of all the signal within all the noise of ‘cloud’ and ‘tech’.

Mike Hildebrand (aka ‘Hilde’), from the St. Louis, MO area, has been in IT since the late ’90s. Like most good IT Pros, he started in support, on a helpdesk. Initially for a small ISP and then for a large global enterprise. From the corporate helpdesk, he moved into various Windows client and server operations, design and architecture roles until 2011, when he joined Microsoft. At Microsoft, he started off as a Dedicated PFE, helping customers with Windows platforms and moved into pre-sales technical roles covering hybrid/cloud technologies. He’s been blogging about Windows/Microsoft technologies since 2012 on the Microsoft Core Infrastructure and Security Blog.