February 2019 Meetup – Windows 10 Servicing

By nathan.ziehnert

Friday, February 22nd, 3:00pm – 5:00pm MSTAdvance registration is REQUIRED

Do you feel overwhelmed with the speed at which Microsoft delivers updates to Windows and Office? Do you suffer from anxiety due to the number of machines you have which are two versions behind and quickly approaching end of life?

Instead of popping a Xanax join us for a session with two Windows Servicing experts who will guide you through your anxiety and bring you to a place of Zen.

  Joel Frauenheim is a 20 year veteran of Microsoft working on a variety of software engineering roles supporting many different products. He is responsible for the systems that create, publish and distribute WaaS (Updates).  He looks forward to understanding how to optimize the system to improve the velocity and experience for enterprise customers.
Dave Backman is a 25-year veteran in the IT Industry, primarily in the Infrastructure and Desktop Engineering space, who has recently joined WSD to help evangelize Windows 10 and help customers understand the Modern Desktop and move their journey forward.

The goal for the session will be to better understand our customer needs and improve the service offering for future releases.  The benefits of meeting will be inclusive of:

  • Better understand the new Servicing model and approach for both Windows and Office
  • Better understand the roadmap of Windows 10, WaaS and Windows Analytics
  • Get insights into how to work around any issues or challenges you may be faced with in landing Windows as a Service
  • Understand how other customers have successfully embraced Windows as a Service
  • Provide direct feedback on how to improve the service offerings
  • Get deeper insights into the Supplemental Servicing model for WaaS
  • Get insights into optimizing your delivery model in your ecosystem and what the future holds with regards to improvements in the delivery mechanisms
  • Learn about best practices and lessons learned from other customers on how to land and deploy WaaS
  • Receive some prescriptive guidance around deployments and how to build out your ring strategy