May 2018 MEMUG

By nathan.ziehnert

Friday, May 25th, 3:00pm – 5:00pm MST
Note: attendees are now required to register at Microsoft front desk for facility access. Please plan to arrive early for the registration!

Note: Due to a scheduling conflict, we will be moving the MTC tour to our June meeting. Stay tuned for more details and make sure you’re telling your co-workers and your bosses about this opportunity! For more information about Microsoft’s MTCs – follow this link.

We’ll have two presentations this month:

1) PowerShell Unit Testing with Pester. Have you ever written a complicated script and went to make changes to it later only to find that your changes broke your script? Not anymore. In this presentation Nathan Ziehnert, Senior Lead Consultant from Catapult Systems will introduce you to unit testing your PowerShell scripts with Pester. An essential skill for anyone in DevOps and a definite resume booster for anyone looking for jobs requiring PowerShell experience.

2) What’s New in Windows 10 1803 Roundtable. Join us as we discuss what’s new in Windows 10 1803 hosted by Nick Moseley, Technical Solutions Professional from Microsoft.

As with most meetings we’ll be at the Microsoft office in DTC:

Microsoft Technology Center in DTC
7595 Technology Way, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80237
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