Resources from January 2017 MEMUG

By nick.moseley

The January 2017 MEMUG session drew great interest and a large crowd.  Many thanks to Kevin Fason (from the community) for demoing Upgrade Analytics on how he uses it to help his organization plan and prepare migration to Windows 10.  Outlined below are resources and additional tips that he asked to be passed along to everyone.


  • Above all, be patient once you run the script in a workstation. There are a lot of moving parts. Generally data shows up in the portal within 48 hours but can take longer.
  • When you make changes in the console it will take a day for the snapshot to update and the “buckets” to appear and populate.
  • You can sort by multiple headers by using commas such as below. Note the headers are caps and your query will be case sensitive.
Importance="Not reviewed" Type=UAApp IsRollup=true RollupLevel=Granular | sort AppVendor desc, AppName desc, AppVersion desc
  • Another neat query is this that sorts by reason
Type=UAApp | measure count() by Issue