August 2013 MEMUG

By nick.moseley

Friday, August 23rd

3:00pm – 5:00pm MDT

Microsoft Office in the Denver Tech Center
7595 Technology Way, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80237

See multiple demo’s using Windows PowerShell to manage:

  • Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 from the command line and scripts.
  • Explore the basic PowerShell commands for Configuration Manager 2012.

Overview of the ConfigMgr module ConfigurationManager.psd1
Explore the Get-Help and Get-Command cmdlets
Description of the ConfigMgr Windows PowerShell Drive Provider

  • Compare PowerShell cmdlets and WMI classes for ConfigMgr
  • Manage site settings such as Boundaries
  • Manage Distribution Points and Distribution Point Groups
  • Manage Collections
  • Manage and monitor Deployments

Also (time permitting) I will present on the SCCM Application Model
Standardizing on Java 17 cu x using Global Conditions and Detection methods.