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May 2018 Meeting Recap

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the meeting (we don’t blame you – it was a holiday weekend) but want to catch the materials from the Pester presentation, you’re in luck!

Here is a link to the PowerPoint for you to download: Pester

And here is the link to the Microsoft guide that much of this presentation was based on:

Hope to see you all at our tour of the Microsoft Technology Center in June!

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February 2018 Meeting Recap

Hey all!

Unfortunately this month we had a number of people who couldn’t attend – so we’ve decided to postpone the show-and-tell for a future date. The good news for you is that means you still have a chance at winning a gift card!

Thanks to all who attended and for sharing experiences, issues you’re currently working through, and our rousing discussion on paid time off.

See you all next month!

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Resources for January 2018 MEMUG

Windows AutoPilot is a suite of capabilities designed to simplify and modernize the deployment and management of new Windows 10 PCs. With Windows AutoPilot, IT professionals can customize the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) for Windows 10 PCs and enable end users to take a brand-new Windows 10 device and—with just a few clicks—have a fully-configured device ready for business use. There are no images to deploy, no drivers to inject, and no infrastructure to manage. Most importantly, users can go through the process independently, without making any decisions and without needing to involve IT.

Co-management of Win10 with SCCM and Microsoft Intune

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Resources from Nov/Dec 2017 MEMUG

For those that missed the session on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: What Enterprises Can Expect, below are the links and references.  The presentation content itself was based upon the public blog post on What’s new in Windows 10, version 1709 IT Pro content.  Many thanks to the sponsorship from the local team at Beacon Hill.

Additional references included:

Haven’t deployed Windows 10 yet?  Or need a place to “safely” test it’s features and capabilities?

  • Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness – a free service that helps you identify compatibility issues that can block an upgrade and that proactively suggests fixes.
  • Windows 10 virtual labs – hands-on labs featuring step-by-step instructions and virtual machines so you can try out the latest security, deployment, and management options with no setup or additional software required.
  • Windows 10 Deployment and Management Lab Kit – a pre-configured virtual lab environment and step-by-step lab guides to help you review and test an in-place upgrade as well as traditional deployment methods such as with ConfigMgr.

Additional reading on the new security capabilities in Windows 10 1709.



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Resources from January 2017 MEMUG

The January 2017 MEMUG session drew great interest and a large crowd.  Many thanks to Kevin Fason (from the community) for demoing Upgrade Analytics on how he uses it to help his organization plan and prepare migration to Windows 10.  Outlined below are resources and additional tips that he asked to be passed along to everyone.


  • Above all, be patient once you run the script in a workstation. There are a lot of moving parts. Generally data shows up in the portal within 48 hours but can take longer.
  • When you make changes in the console it will take a day for the snapshot to update and the “buckets” to appear and populate.
  • You can sort by multiple headers by using commas such as below. Note the headers are caps and your query will be case sensitive.
Importance="Not reviewed" Type=UAApp IsRollup=true RollupLevel=Granular | sort AppVendor desc, AppName desc, AppVersion desc
  • Another neat query is this that sorts by reason
Type=UAApp | measure count() by Issue


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Resources from “12 Troubleshooting Tools for your Stocking” with Joe Raleigh

Our annual holiday gathering for MEMUG had a great turnout and was well received by everyone!  Thank you to Joe Raleigh of Microsoft for traveling to Denver to present on his very informative “12 Troubleshooting Tools for your Stocking”.  His presentation materials can be downloaded from OneDrive.!Auu_dRzvdA2Oh5s2x1jQg23_SL8-8w



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Resources from October 2015 MEMUG

Many thanks again to Justin Chalfant, Microsoft premier field engineer, for the great presentation in October.  His resources from the presentation are below, along with a link to download the video presentation.

Download the video presentation, CustomSettings.ini, and Bootstrap.ini from OneDrive:!140&authkey=!AKiXFPHTZ4HA8AY&ithint=folder%2cini

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Resources for September 2015 MEMUG

Resources for the BitLocker portion of the September 2012 MEMUG session can be accessed with the OneDrive link below.  It includes the PowerPoint presentation as well as an example task sequence which can be used as an example for configuring BitLocker during a ConfigMgr 2012 task sequence.  No warranty or support is provided and may only be used at your own risk.!126&authkey=!AADzlFi91VDOw84&ithint=folder%2cpptx

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